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Butt What?

May 27, 2020 4 min read

Butt what? You want to know what we mean by Butt what? Butt what is to clean or not to clean now that is the real question. Why do we use paper toilet paper to clean ourselves? Using paper toilet paper are we really cleaning our Bum Butt? What are we actually doing when we wipe our Bum Butt's with paper toilet paper? That's why I asked the question Butt What?

Okay let's talk about how paper toilet paper became the only option to clean our Bum Butt for so many years. Paper toilet paper was created or came into existence 1857 by a gentleman named Joseph Gayetty. Why Mr. Gayetty thought that paper toilet paper was a good idea. Water is probably the best way to remove waste from your Bum Butt than any other source available would you think?

In those days there were many different contraptions used to keep one-self clean. In the 1800's there were different instruments that were used and some instruments that probably were tired and some of those instruments as it was told were medieval torture devices to clean one-self with.

Think about that for a moment using a medieval torture device on one of the most sensitive areas on your body to cleanse yourself. It sounds and feels painful by any stretch of the imagination. I do not know about you, but I would have to give that some hard thought, before using a torture looking device. I would have said where is the water at to use to clean myself man? Or how can we get some water into these bathrooms or more likely this out house in those days.

So why is it so hard to change? What if you use something that is just a little different and has some moisture in it that can more than likely have you clean instead of just wiping or smearing the waste on your Bum Butt?

You know people are creatures of habit, just because everyone has been using paper toilet paper for all these many years, they are comfortable with paper toilet paper and using something that is different that could actually make them cleaner is not the issue. The issue is that paper toilet paper is status quo and removing that paper toilet paper, you will be removing them from their comfort zone would or could cause anxiety and upset their comfort zone.

When talking about our Bum Butt's and waste elimination and cleaning that waste from our Bum Butt people feel ashamed, uncomfortable, awkwardness and hesitant, so this is probably one of the main reason that people feel like just leave the paper toilet paper as is.

The great cliche' that most people will state is that "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Just let it be, it has been working for centuries, so why do you want to make changes now. So, if paper toilet paper is doing its job, then why would you want to change to something that could be so much better for us?

Now using paper toilet paper you have to be gentle in your wiping of your Bum Butt, because if you wipe yourself to hard you could cause small anal tears which could lead to an infection. Your Bum Butt area can become very tender to touch if you are wiping to hard.

If your Bum Butt area becomes so tender to touch, then how much cleaning of your Bum Butt are you really doing? Probably not very much, until that area if you have small anal fissures heal. The skin in your Bum Butt area tends to heal more rapidly or quickly than other areas of skin on your arm, legs or anterior or posterior areas.

Wipes vs. Toilet paper which is the better product? We have so many choices to choose from, wet wipes, adult wipes, wet disposable flushable wipes, wet biodegradable wipes, paper toilet paper, thin toilet paper, thicker toilet paper, name brands vs. non-name brand toilet paper.

I believe that each person has to make their own choice as to which product of wet wipes or paper toilet paper is better for you. There are pro's and con's for each product, costs, feel good, softness, smell and other things that make each and every one of us choose which will be the better product for themselves.

Some people probably use the two prong process, such as using paper toilet paper first and then cleaning up and residual with wet wipes to make sure all of the residual waste is removed.

You know what we have come a long way from the 1800's of using some type of medieval torture looking devices to paper toilet paper and now with the introduction of wet wipes, things seem to be looking forward to bigger and better things regarding toiletries. Now we can probably imagine what may be coming in the future and really start thing all over again Butt What?

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