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Great Paper Chase?

May 27, 2020 4 min read

The great paper chase and probably most or if not all of us have been involved with the great paper chase. That paper chase is toilet paper. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word toilet paper mention? Is there enough toilet paper in the restroom? Or is it that someone is getting ready to take a crap? Or maybe is it that someone has to blow or stop their running nose? Or is it that someone hurt themselves and need toilet paper to stop the bleeding? Or maybe you are thinking that there are too many brands to choose from.

What was toilet paper created for in the first place and who created toilet paper might be where we need to start and then we can answer some of those other questions as well. The person that was giving credit with the invention of toilet paper in early 1800's was Joseph Gayetty in the good old USA. Now if you can imagine what people used early before Mr. Gayetty got credit of inventing toilet paper. In China in the 1300's people used some form of paper to clean themselves and did not use water.

f you were a person of wealth in those early years you probably had some choices of what you used to clean your bum butt after you have done your business. Wealth people had a choice of using wool, lace, or hemp, because you had money to purchase those items. People of lesser means how did they clean their bum butt after doing their business. People of lesser means would defecate into river or streams and use their hand, rags, leaves, grass, or hay to clean their bum butt after they had done their business.

Think about and pause for a moment that people actually used their hands to wipe their bum butt after doing their business. If using your hands to clean yourself, they did their business into the rivers and streams, which is probably where most people got their drinking water.

You know that the great paper chase for toilet paper has many brands, shapes, sizes, colors and odors. Sometimes people feel that there are just too many brands to choose from. Many companies try and make their brand towards what their particular customer may want and like. Everyone does not like to use the same brand, size, shape, color or odor. Companies hire marketing personal to market their particular brand towards their customer, based upon those dimensions mention above.

Now you have dry, wet, soft, medium, thick, thin, ruffles, no ruffles toilet paper and so many brands. Sometimes it can be confusing as to which type is better dry or wet toilet paper. You know that toilet paper is widely available in almost every place you visit, restaurants, hotels and homes, but we take it for granted, until that one time you have to go do your business and when you are finish you reach for the toilet paper and there is none to clean your bum butt.

That moment you are thinking to yourself this cannot be happening to me, no toilet paper. That's when you probably say to yourself, all the toilet paper in the world and this place today has none. Then you realize that you have a problem, and as the saying cliche' goes "Houston we have a problem".

No toilet paper, what do you do to wipe your bum butt? I guess most of us will try and yell for someone to bring you a roll or as my uncle did one time, he used his shirt to wipe his bum butt. No toilet paper, and then you realize how important toilet paper is to our daily lives. Then the great paper chase is on to never ever, never ever be without toilet paper in your own homes.

I believe that most people really do not think of toilet paper as a great necessity until you are without it then you think of it as an urgent need. Then you would probably remember some kids toilets papering their friend's home, because of home coming dance or a football game win. Kids like to use toilet paper in their pranks on fellow compadres.

Let's try and answer some of the questions that I asked regarding toilet paper.
    What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word toilet paper mention?
  • Most people will probably think that someone needs to use the restroom and hopefully there is enough toilet paper in the bathroom.
  • Some may think someone has to take a dump and they are going to need toilet paper to clean their bum butt afterwards.
  • Some may think that someone may have a dirty or running nose that they wish to clean, so they are going to need toilet paper.
  • Some may think that someone hurt themselves and they need toilet paper to help clean up and stop the blood flow from the injury.
These are some of the reasons that people may need or want to use toilet paper for and it's not always for cleaning one-self after taking a dump to clean their bum butt. Toilet paper whether it is wet or dry toilet paper is always a good thing to have around, because of our many needs we have for toilet paper. Toilet paper may not rank high on or list of wants and needs, but when the time comes that you need it toilet paper sure comes in nice and handy at the time of need.

Whether you use wet wipes toilet paper or dry toilet paper everyone has their preferences as to which is better, the good thing about that is that you do have a choice and you can determine for yourself which is better for you.

Wet Wipes toilet paper vs. Dry toilet paper :You make the choice.:

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