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How to Wipe Your Bum Butt.

May 27, 2020 2 min read

How do you wipe your Bum Butt? I know this sounds funny or crazy that someone is asking you how do your wipe your Bum Butt. A lot of people would consider this a stupid question, asking someone how they wipe their Bum Butt. Is asking someone how do they wipe or clean their Bum Butt a far fetch outlandish question?

Most people believe that you just know how to wipe your Bum Butt as you grow up from child to adulthood. There is nothing to it about wiping your Bum Butt. You just wipe it is innate behavior we all learn early in life. If that were true then why do some people get infections or develop skin deterioration or skin breakdown from not knowing how to wipe or clean their Bum Butt in the proper way.

You might be thinking that seems strange that there are proper ways to wipe or clean your Bum Butt to avoid some of these complications such as bacterial infections, skin deterioration and or skin breakdown. These issues if not taking care of early in the process could develop into some serious medical issues for each and every one of us, because all of us have to go to the bathroom throughout our lives.

Cleaning yourself after you have visited the bathroom is going to be different for women and then men. Let's talk about women first, because women normally do both peeing and defecation in the same manner which is in a sitting position. Their urethra and anus are in close proximity and there is a high degree of probability that an infection could occur if they do not wipe themselves correctly.
  • Women in their sitting position should always wipe from the front towards the rear.
  • Peeing: Wipe from front towards the rear.
  • Defecating: Wipe from the front towards the rear.
  • Never ever wipe from the rear towards the front towards your vagina.

Wiping from the rear towards to the front you will have a high probability of causing fecal matter which is highly contaminated bacteria to enter into your vagina causing you a vaginal infection at some point in time. Vaginal infections can cause serious medical issues if not taking care in a timely manner. To avoid this practice safe wiping techniques mention above.

As for men, because men normally stand when they are peeing their chances of cross contamination is highly decreased. But men at some point in time do have to sit and pee and defecate at the same time and at this time the same techniques should be practice as well.
  • Peeing: Wipe from front towards the rear.
  • Defecating: Wipe from the front towards the rear.

Sometimes in life safety practices are what we need from harming ourselves and learning How to Wipe Your Bum Butt is one of those practices we all need from time to time. Be Safe.

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