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where is the bum?

May 27, 2020 3 min read

Where is the Bum? Oh where, oh where has the Bum Butt going? Oh where, oh where could it be? It seems that everyone is trying to find the Bum. Why is everyone trying to find that Bum? Has the Bum gone missing? There is this great affectuate regarding the Bum these days. Everyone seems to be trying to find their Bum. My only question is why is everyone trying to find their Bum?

Let's talk about what the Bum characteristics are and then the possible places where we can this elusive Bum. Is the Bum really elusive or is it just in our imagination as to what a Bum should look like and where to find our Bum's. First, we should know what we are looking for before we head out on a journey trying to find it, correct.

What should the Bum look like? Let's give some possibilities of what the Bum could look like. Now lets provide some ideas as to what a Bum should or could look like; the Bum could be flat, curved, loose, fat, small, large, round, dimple, tight, and or plump? These could be possibilities of what the Bum could look like.

I believe that everyone's Bum is different from other people Bum's right? Maybe or maybe not, it's just my thinking regarding Bum's. You may be thinking something different than the way I'm thinking about Bums. Bums can come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, you know.

About that description of what could Bum's could look like. Bum's could look flat, do people really what a flat Bum? Maybe some people want or like a flat Bum. Bum's could look or be curved. A curved Bum wouldn't look to good would it? I do not believe anyone would want a curved Bum would they? Who knows.

Bum's could look or feel loose. Yeah, Bum's could look or feel loose. Does anyone want a loose Bum? That sounds strange having a loose Bum. Everyone has their own thinking as to how their Bum should look right. Bum's could look fat. Well, I guess that could be the case some of our Bum's are fat. We all do eat a lot of junk food and sometimes we eat too much food to get a fat Bum.

Bum's could look small. Yes, there are some small Bum's out there in the world, because some of us have small statures and therefore we have smaller Bum's then some other people. Bum's could look large. Now there are some large Bum's out there. But now the majority of people are into the large Bum's. It seems everyone wants a large Bum. I think they want a large, tight Bum and not just a large Bum right? Again, as I stated before who knows what people really like and do not like.

Everyone has their own taste and likes as to how a Bum should be. Because the other Bums' are round, dimpled and plump, as with the different textures. So as to where the Bum's have gone and oh where, oh where can they be? Well, l we all can look no further than to look at your own back side and there, oh there will it be. Your Bum will be found. Most of us may not like the Bum we have, but it the one we got. You can make some improvements on your Bum, by working out and some using surgery to get a better Bum.

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